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 RadioCom 6

RadioCom 6

RadioCom 6©®

Completely New Thanks to MS-Vista®©

See report Monitoring Times Dec.2008 + Jan.2009

Having problems installing RadioCom on a Vista machine?


See report Monitoring Times Dec.2008 + Jan.2009

DSP-Filter-Analyzer and Multi-Decoder Program
for 2 Radios
simultaneously and TX  

NEW! For Windows©®2000/XP & Vista   NEW

DSP-Filter decoding with your computer.

RTTY-, Synop-, CW-, PSK-, FAX-, SSTV-Decoder

3D Scanner, Equalizer, SatTracking, AudioAnalyzer and Dual Scopes Time-, Frequency-Management and Frequency-Analyzer

now with Updates on-line

CAT-RadioControl for more than 100 Receivers and Transceivers

LEVEL  CONVERTER  INCLUDED!!! Some radios may require an home made adapter cable

RadioCom6 is a new leap forward after the successful predecessor RadioCom5. RadioCom6 transmits and receives data (SSTV, PSK31, RTTY, Weather fax, Synop, Navtex, CW and more) and from the Internet www.meteoserver.net (world wide satellite pictures) in one program. Two radios can be connected simultaneously at 1 sound card only. You can run and operate several decoders (up to 6 per radio) at the same time. The Digital Sound-Processor (DSP) of the sound card is used. That is why the quality is better than anything compatible. The moment RadioCom starts, some of the foremost changes are in plain view: it is distinctive and eye-catching. Colors are subtler and the overall looks are just magnificent, never seen before.

What does this  Program  do?

It decodes digital and analog radio signals. It also improves the quality of audio, which in the past, was only possible with an expensive DSP-receiver. The signal goes directly into your computer via the soundcard for processing. You can also control up to 2 Radios via the COM-port and all of this without any extra hardware. The received signals are filtered and given out to the computer loudspeakers. RadioC­om6 will come with: Filter-Analyzer, TimeSpectroscopes, DualScope, Audio-Recorder, RTTY, CW, FAX, SSTV, PSK (PSK31, Q- and B-PSK), Synop-Decoder, 3D Scanner, ScheduleList and SatTracking. This means you have all you need in one program.

Up to now the requirements for SSB-receiver & decoders to process radio messages was extremely high and expensive. With today's normal multimedia-PC a complete new concept could be developed so that the expensive extra filters are replaced, and the operating comfort is improved. Expensive screens, scopes and tools are now generated on your computer screen.

It's hard work to understand and program for Digital-Sound-Processing, Frequency-Analyzing and Decoding. What in the past was very expensive is now possible on your computer. Completely hissed signals from low cost receivers are so improved by the effect of the integrated equalizer; it improves the audio and the difference can be seen on your display.

With RadioCom6 we have created a desktop specially fit to your necessity. The Live-WorkViewer for example facilitates to receive a weather fax, while you are modifying another one, without interrupting the incoming fax. All desktop elements can be modified to your own liking, i.e. color. The Dual-Scope improves the analysis from cause and effect of the signal quality. SpectrumAnalyzer, TimeSpectroScope and X/Y-Scope are helpful tools for that.

With the modifiable database with 8! User Banks of the Frequency-Manager it is possible to save all the complex data of radio stations, and to recall them on demand. The database also holds decoder-data for the SynopDecoder and Keplerian data (for sat-receiving). Now you can plan with the Time-Manager different tasks, so nothing will be missed.

The Frq-/Channel-Scanner-Function show you signal strength, Audio-events and 3D Diagrams. The event-saving makes later analyzing of events with frequency and time possible. And with the Audio-Recorder you can record and replay signals for later analyzing or decoding.

SatFax can receive live and synchronous without the normal Doppler effects and display in the highest resolution. The included SatTrack-Program allows you to see when and where  you can find the satellites on the integrated world map.

The AudioController controls all audio functions, drivers and mixers, also the special AudioSquelch and the DSP-filter with the FFT-Equalizer (Fast-Fourier-Transformation). This allows to set several Notch filters in one band filter or to create a filter curve with desired form and variable slope with a 2 Hz resolution. You can simply draw a curve character with the mouse. 

Technical Data: subject to change without notice
Controls all Audio functions, drivers and mixers.
Audio-Squelch, Filter- and Equalizer- Functions controls, etc.
RTTY,  SITOR, B-PSK, Q-PSK, (PSK31), incl. NAVTEX and SYNOP-Decoding. All parameters totally variable.
AM / FM Fax, all IOC's and RPM's; Fax-Special-Filter, HAM-Fax, Weather-Fax and SAT-Fax direct.
All Modi. Special filters, Color up to 32 Bit, all picture formats  and parameter totally variable.
All parameter totally variable.
Record and replay from signals, incl. Func­tions for later analyzing and decoding.
Filter / Equalizer
Filter-/ equalizer functions up to 2 Hz resolution with variable slope.  All filter combinations possible..
Channel-Scanner, Frequency-Scanner
3D-displays from signal strength, audio-events or time diagrams. event-saving for later analyzing.
Organize reception from text and picture from the desired time
Displays all Satellites on a word map, inclusive all Keplerian data and decoder types, also with a time schedule.
System requirements     

SSB-Receiver or Transceiver (remote controlled if possible)

RadioCom6 can be combined with almost all types of SSB-receiver. For example, those produced by Sony, Panasonic, Grundig, and Siemens, and many others with SSB reception. However, these cannot use timer-operated remote/radio control. We recommend controllable radios, such as those made by Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, JRC, AOR, and SKANTI. In the delivered switchbox is already the control-electronic inside to remote control for more than 90 receivers and transceivers.

You do NOT need an extra level converter!

It already comes with the software package for most radios. This reduces the cost to a minimum to upgrade to the digital age.


The computer must have an Intel Pentium/Celeron processor with at least 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM, a bi-directional sound card with a LINE-IN port, a spare COM port, and either Windows 2000/XP/Vista or higher installed, as well as a graphics card with 1280x1024 16 bit color resolution.

Active INTERNET connection for registration and updates.

Prices & How-to-Order

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